Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Issues in Nursing Today: Legislative action - nursing education

Legislative action - nursing education

Thanks for update. This committee , and the rest of our organizations have opportunity now to come up with a viable plan that could get accepted that would significantly impact our programs. Whew! My personal vote would be to nudge toward more acceptance of BSN's providing clinical under MSN guidance---such as the last model proposed in your meeting. However, we should be clear to address all associated issues. For example, my program's current practice has been to occasionally have a group of 15 students with MSN & BSN teaching assistant. But to make sure we comply with our interpretation of BNE rule that evaluation of student performance is done only by the MSN faculty, then that MSN has to grade all 15 care plans. SO, with new proposals, if one MSN oversaw 4BSN who each had 8 students, we would I think want those BSN instructors to have responsibility of grading the clinical care plans, etc. I can't see one MSN wanting to grade that much paperwork!

Legislative action - nursing education

The NEPC met today in Austin to discuss innovative responses to questions posed by the Sunset Review Commission re: the nursing shortage and especially 1:10 faculty to student ratio. Reps from the BNE, THECB, and THA participated.

The coalition members agreed on several things, including:

1. Faculty salaries must be addressed
2. Simulation is a viable way to reduce some of the strain on clinical resources
3. Innovative clinical teaching models can increase student enrollment
* BSN coaching model (1 MSN: 12 BSN coaches: 12-24 students)
* MSN supervision of BSN clinical instructors ( 1 MSN: 4 BSN instructors: 16-32 students)

A sub-committee will formalize a response for our comment. Will post a new blog when more info when available. j

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Doctorate in Nursing Practice

Need more information about AACN's proposal for a DNP? Go to